Church Health

A healthy district is made of healthy churches. The following areas will be monitored in order to assist local churches in becoming and staying healthy by Biblical standards. Our goal is to see churches in the Allegheny District have Great Commission vision fulfilled in a Great Commandment way.

Matthew 28:18-20; 22:37-40

Healthy Church Network Groups

We desire to encourage pastors through monthly pastor gatherings designed to en-courage, challenge and equip pastors.

Our Goal

Provide geographically placed groups led by district Pastors that require minimal travel.

Healthy Church Workshops

We desire to support local churches by providing Healthy Church seminars and resources.

Our Goal 

See 70% of churches doing an annual health check, and 50% of churches measuring above midline in each of the 10 Leading Indicators.


We desire to assist District churches as they fulfill a clearly articulated mission of discipleship.

Our Goal

See district churches growing at 10% conversion growth rate.

Leadership Events & Training

We will provide Leadership Events.

Our Goal

Provide 3 to 4 events per year designed to focus on leadership training. (For Pastors, Youth Pastors, Church Planters and others)

Church Health Team

Develop a Church Health Team in the district.

Our Goal

Maintain a District Church Health Team to oversee District Church Health.