Church Planting


Creating a movement of multiplication in the Allegheny District is crucial to being a healthy district. Our goal is to develop, monitor and refine a church planting strategy in the Allegheny District. We acknowledge that church health and district health involves obedience to the Scriptures in the area of church planting.
(Acts 1:8)

Monitor The Seven Strategic Church Planting Systems

1. Launch

Create awareness and increase the value of church planting in the district.

Our Goal – Promote church planting by providing ways every district church can participate in church planting. (e.g., Mother churches, Resource churches, Adoption churches, Support churches.)

Our Goal — Maintain a Church Planting team in the district that oversees the church planting movement.

2. Recruit

Intentionally identifying areas and leaders for church planting.

Our Goal — Identify the next five church planting sites in the district each year and blanket them in prayer.

3. Assess

Implement an assessment program in the district to identify the Right Planter, Right People, Right Place, Right Time.

Our Goal — Provide church planter assessment in the Allegheny District through trained assessors.

4. Coach

Implement a coaching network within the district to encourage, challenge and pray with church planters.

Our Goal — Provide a church planting coach for each church planter to support, encourage and challenge them.

5. Train

Maintain appropriate training requirements for planters, assessors and coaches.

Our Goal — Provide Church Planters Boot Camp for all Allegheny District church planters.

6. Support

Develop, maintain and monitor a church planting financial program. Provide funding for Boot Camp, Assessment Training, Coaches Training and other necessary church plant funding.

Our Goal — Maintain adequate church planting funds that will support an aggressive church planting strategy. We will provide revolving fund in the Allegheny District for church planting.

7. Reproduce Churches

Create a church multiplication movement in the district that sustains long term church planting growth.

Our Goal — See 10% of district churches planting daughter churches per year

Our Goal — See church plants reproducing themselves within 3-5 years

Our Goal — See every district church planning to plant a daughter church every 5 years

Our Goal — See direct district involvement in Global Church Planting