Ministerial Standing

Being accountable to EFCA Doctrines and Distinctives are necessary for district health. In order to
maintain healthy district churches we feel it is important to maintain accountability with churches and pastors.
(2 Timothy 2:15)

Maintain a system of credentialing in the Allegheny District for Pastors.

Our Goal — Maintain a District Credentials Chairman and a Credentialing Team of 4-6 ordained Pastors who serve by overseeing the credentialing process in the district.

Our Goal — Have all Pastors in the Allegheny District credentialed with the Evangelical Free Church of America.

Maintain a system of approving Constitutions and By-Laws in the Allegheny District.

Our Goal — Maintain a District Constitution Committee who reviews and approves all Constitutions and By-Laws by EFCA standards.

Provide assistance to churches and pastors in the areas of placement, compensation and care.

Our Goal — Work with Allegheny District Churches to provide resources and support leaders.