Funding & Support

We currently encourage our church-planters to either attend a Body-Builders training event conducted by Navigators  or to work-through Bob Dillion’s Book People Raising to learn how to raise financial support.  In some cases, planters may prefer to be bi-vocational.  We will work with the planter as he works to raise support from a variety of donors; however, we do teach that the best practice is to quickly raise-up and teach your core-group sound stewardship and giving principles as a means for quickly building your base of support.

Gate-Keeping -  Once a planter is approved, they may initially use the Allegheny District as the gatekeeper of their giving:  however, we strongly encourage the planter and plant to get their legal affairs in order quickly, to establish their own treasurer and financial secretary and to set-up a checking account.  Once the church plant has established these, they may receive their own donations and keep their own records for tax-giving.


Legal Foundations: