Planting Systems

In order to support our church-planters and church-plants, we follow a system we call ACTS.

A = Assessment – in order to help a prospective church-planter determine if they should plant and where, we use a system of assessment that includes the following steps:

  • Resume collection – tell what you have done in resume form
  • Online Pre-Assessment – complete the 8 steps listed
  • Personality profile - If you have done a recent (within 2 years) personality profile like DISC or Myers-Briggs, send us the results OR go to where you can take one for a modest fee.  After you have completed this, send us the results.
  • Spiritual Gifts Analysis – if you know your gift-mix, send us those results.  If you are not sure, you can take an analysis at the efca website.
  • Ministry Philosophy – send us a paragraph or two about your philosophy of ministry as relates to church-planting, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.
  • Director’s Interview – once or as the above information is being compiled, the Director of Church-Planting or another member of the Church-Planting team will  interview the potential candidate to develop a relationship and begin getting a read on fit.
  •  Assessment Interview – once the above steps are taken, a team of 2 or 3 assessors will conduct a 3 to 4 hour assessment interview with the planter and his wife.   This  Interview will ask behavioral questions about what the planter has done.  Out of  this interview a score is generated and recommendations given concerning the planter.  The interview considers the following factors:
    • Character
    • Spousal Support & Strong Marriage
    • Right Chemistry
    • Communication Ability
    • Visionary Leaderships Skills
    • Starting/Gathering Skills
    • Team Buildings Skills
    • Multiplication Skills
    • Evangelism Skills
    • Disciplemaking Skills
    • Church-Planting Knowledge
    • Sense of God’s Call
    • Equipping Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence

C = Coaching – we provide each planter with a coach (usually an approved pastor) to walk with them through out the planting process.  In January, we will unleash the use of a 100 time-line based check-list to help both the planter and the coach stay on track, on target and on time.  We also implement Cluster Coaching with Planters and Pastors.

T = Training – an integral part of our systems is the implementation of Church-Planters Bootcamp Training.  This is offered as either a five day event or in monthly modules geared to help the planter, and possibly even his team, think through all the steps involved from conception of the dream right on to development into Full-Church-Status.  As a part of Bootcamp Training, you will develop a Church-Planting MAP (Ministry Action Plan).   Additionally we offer a whole host of other training events to assist the church-plant in fulfilling God’s mission.  See Church Planting Training.

S = Support – We offer support for our church-planters through existing church partnerships and adoptions.  Existing EFCA Churches will offer what assistance they can in support of our plants.  We offer Fund-Raising Training.  We offer the support of planters/pastors retreats.  We offer the support of a Revolving Matching Fund up to $40,000 over two years to approved planters who continue to reach bench-marks and who remain pliable in a coaching relationship. We are not currently offering any district financial support for new church-plants.